[thelist] Arrgggh! Background Music Again

Burhan Khalid burhankhalid at members.evolt.org
Thu Jul 18 08:14:01 CDT 2002

On Wednesday 17 July 2002 13:44, aardvark wrote:

[ ... ]

> > Does anyone have any tips for me to get these MP3's down to a
> > respectable size? I'm putting them in a Flash file to be used on the
> > site for loading and playing. Will Flash compress them even more?
> > What's the biggest file size I should scale the initial MP3 down to?
> > I've got something that will fade in and out, but for the time I need
> > it's still like 400kb...

I have been wrestling with system issues, so please excuse me if this is a
dead issue ... my mail is just now trickling in.

If you are upto it, you can try encoding it using mp3PRO, which will reduce
the size of the file and keep the aureal(?) quality the same (at a lower
bitrate). AFAIK, there are two encoders, and plugins are starting to come out
for the more mainstream players (winamp, for one). Ahead (yes, the folks
behind Nero), has an encoder/player. You can find the plugin for Winamp (and
a player/encoder) at www.mp3prozone.com.

If you believe the spin, 64 bit at mp3PRO = 128 bit at regular Mp3 (sound
quality). I have yet to try it.


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