[thelist] Netscape, Frame, Target, Different Domains

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Wed Jul 24 05:24:01 CDT 2002

At 10:13 24/07/2002 +0000, Peter-Paul Koch wrote:

>>There is a frameset with frames named "top", "body", "right" and "bottom".
>Don't EVER use 'top' as a frame name, since it's reserved in JavaScript and
>the browser may behave strangely. I don't know whether this is the problem
>you're experiencing, but do yourself a favour and use another name. I'm not
>very happen with 'body' either, but as far as I know this is not explicitly

   OK, I'll try changing those. The domain referred to as jammaking.com has
been using these names for some years now without trouble, though?

>>It loads in the "main" frame without problems. However, it has some links
>>in that have a target attriubute of "right".
>>On my machine, Windows XP, this works as expected in Internet Explorer
>>(6.0) and Mozilla (1.0), but in Netscape (4.75), it opens in a new window.
>Opening a new window means that the browser doesn't recognize the name as
>one of an already opened frame. (I suppose you knew this already).


>I'm not sure what the bug is. This is with normal links, right? No fancy
>JavaScripts that give errors because they're trying to change pages from
>another server (domain).

   No, plain ordinary A HREFs.

>Try using different names for the frames, all names you use now may have a
>special meaning. Not sure if this helps, but it's the first thing I'd try.

   OK, good place to start.

>If that doesn't help I need to see the page (URL please, *no* attachments).

   Can't show, I'm afraid - under a non-disclosure until things are completed.


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