[thelist] why can't IE find the new IP number?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Jul 25 12:55:15 CDT 2002

> However, if Rudy's got the DNS software on his box...

thanks for making me sound way more competent than i actually am

i did manage to find my "host" file, but the only entries in there were two
pop servers that norton added to scan emails

i think i fixed my problem -- or else it fixed itself somehow, and it just
happened to occur around the time i was hammering away...

how many different ways can you combine the following actions? i forget my
algebra, but the answer is in the hundreds if not thousands --

 ~ clear IE cache (temporary files)
 ~ clear IE history
 ~ ping the domain
 ~ visit the domain in IE
 ~ visit the domain in opera
 ~ reboot the machine
 ~ run ipconfig /flushdns
 ~ run ipconfig /displaydns

i did enough combinations to be totally and unalterably convinced that IE
is evil

i swear to [insert deity of choice] that IE was grabbing the old site's IP
number off the internet somewhere, and it was obviously not the same place
as opera was getting it

i wrote my ISP but of course they're too busy dealing with ordinary
customers ("what's a modem?") to stop and think about whether they even
have caching servers, much less worry about whether they need to tweak

somewhere along the line, and i *think* it was a result of


the problem resolved

thanks to everyone who gave my problem any thought


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