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Jason Cartwright mail at jasoncartwright.com
Mon Sep 16 14:57:06 CDT 2002

Hey Todd,

If we're talking desk-to-desk then netmeeting should do the job. You'll
find it on most Win32 machines. Put up an ILS directory server, punch a
few holes in your firewall(s) and your away. You also get Remote Desktop
Sharing and a Whiteboard.


Webcams are dirt cheap - about £30 ($45) here in the UK upto £100 ($155)


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> The people that write my paycheck are insisting that we look
> heavily into video conferencing.  I would appreciate any
> feedback that any of you have either in the form of
> suggestions or past experiences.  What I am looking for is
> info on hardware/software for connecting 3-5 offices across
> the US, operating the server on a T1 with the remote office
> on either DSL or cable.  This does not have to be anything
> fancy, but I have a feeling they are looking for high quality
> on not much of a budget.  However, I will present to them the
> facts - either way.
> Thanks!
> Todd

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