[thelist] OT: wireless web access (urgent help needed)

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Sep 18 00:02:28 CDT 2002


> we've got a new employee that is going to be working offsite 95% of the
> time and he needs to internet access and much as possible.

assuming offsite "mobile" -- different locations --

> came up of having wireless access, but i have no idea where to even
> start to look for that and what hardware is needed to access a wireless
> network.

Some background:


(802.11b is too short-range for what I think you want, BTW.)

> alternatively, if you know of a good way for an employee to remotely get
> email anytime they need it, wherever they are, please let me know.

If it's just/mostly email, Blackberry <http://www.rim.com/> may be
an option, or one of the Palm/Handspring wireless PDAs.

Unfortunately, the best answer to your problem is no longer here --
the Ricochet wireless network provided a great access method for the
wandering laptop user, at least in certain metro areas. Sigh. Sure
miss 'em ... :-/

Rendering this somewhat on-topic, having a way to perform remote
emergency maintenance on your server farm from a sidewalk cafe on
a Saturday morning can definitely help employee morale :-)

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