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Aleem Bawany aleem.bawany at utoronto.ca
Sun Jan 5 18:39:02 CST 2003

> http://www.pmachine.com
> Needs PHP and MySQL. Very, very configurable -- meaning
> you can basically design your page however you see fit,
> and just throw in a few <?php ?> tags that grab your blog
> content or other info stored in your pMachine database.

I tried their website yesterday and still haven't gotten an
activiation link. They do send me a password when I click
on forgotten password but it says my account is not yet
activated... frustrating!!

I'm looking at drupal and PHPosxom right now. PHPosxom is a php
port of blosxom ( http://www.celsius1414.com/phposxom/ ) still
in the early stages but looks promising and works great. If you
do use it though there's two lines that you need to change (minor

line 78 was:
$metaarray = file($metafile);
line 78 is now:
$metaarray = file($datadir."/".$metafile);

line 91 was:
$authorsarray = file($authorsfile);
line 91 is now:
$authorsarray = file($datadir."/".$authorsfile);

I emailed the author along with a better template than the ones that
with it.

Now if I can only associate a unique ID with each post...


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