[thelist] Client Problem

Derry Talvain derry at artema.com.au
Thu Mar 27 18:15:20 CST 2003

Some time back I put a post on evolt about a technical problem I was
having with a website. 
Now I am having another problem in that the client has done a search on
his website and the actually evolt posts come up in the google results
for his site (I published the address in my emails so others could look
at it). He is really unhappy about it and about the content of the
emails as some members on the list really criticised him and he really
does not want anyone to read them.
Is there anything I can do to remove the posts in question or at least
any references to the website or the clients business or product name as
I am in trouble. I don't like my client and all his clients reading my
private correspondence to other web developers and do understand his
objection as the search engine makes these posts very public.
It is certainly something for others to consider when asking questions
on this list (if there hasn't already been a thread on this).

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