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the head lemur headlemur at lemurzone.com
Mon Jun 30 21:44:30 CDT 2003

Codegen 9011 Server Cases
(400 W PS 3 80MM cooling fans
Locking cabinets, wheels! around 60 bucks)

AMD CPU's (boxed with Fans)

Socket A mother boards with Via Chipsets.
(software updates  are fast and stable)

Thermotake Cooling Fans
(wide fins copper bottoms, you might want to overclock at some point)

Kingston Memory

IBM if you can find them
Western Digital if not.
Maxtors are good for propping up wobbly furniture

CD Drives

Pioneer drives should be used to store AOL disks for recycling.

Nvidia Video Cards
(software updates to the graphics engines are fast and stable)

Cheap NIC Cards
Realtek chipsets preferred.--NIC cards move bits. End of story.
( If you need a CD to set up a NIC card you will be sorry down the road, I
have a box of Intel and 3 Com cards which are great stress relievers as the
are a physically fragile as the software is)

D-Link switches and Hubs.
(Lifetime warranty,cheerfully exchanged)

STAY AWAY from ZONET Hubs and switches
Get extremely hot and burn up. Soon.

Keyboards. By em cheap and replace them often.
Do not let let folks have "internet" keyboards.

Free the mouse
Trackballs trackballs trackballs.

Get quality ones with cloth adjustable armrests, padded seats and 5 wheels.
Get ones with a real good height adjustment.


If you wear glasses or contacts and spend lots of time in front of the
get a pair for the computer.

NOTE!!!!! Measure the distance you actually sit away from the screen. If you
do not, the optomitrist will build them for an 18 '' distance. You will be

I sit between 28-32 inches away and have a pair collecting dust.

In computing speed is nice but comfort is vital.

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