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Tue Jul 1 02:53:58 CDT 2003

On 1 Jul 2003 at 1:59, jsWalter wrote:

> Let me tell you from experience!

Very realistic advice, thanks.


> PS: your site is too artsy. Too heavy in large images.

Ya, I aimed for the artsiness, cuase I am artsy. Its just
to display my works, and hope enhance that I a vision, and am
creative. Corperate america can wait a bit.

The images themselves can be optimized further. Me being a thinker, 
I got a 'ingenius'(?) idea to suplement the main layout with CSS, so:

- the 'curvey line' is only 1K ( and totally scalable vertically )
- the image(s) surrounding the content area isn't even 10K ( and scalable in 4 
directions ).
- the image(s) around the navigation is not even 8K ( and scalable in 4 directions ).
- the 'logo' is 12K
- the 'bullets' are like 1K
- the background isn't even 2K
- 'title' is 11K

And I can optimize all of them further, dropping at least 10K from the
main design image-elements.

So anyway, heres the idea I used:

while slicing the images I really wanted the 'borders' to be scalable,
so the corners are fine, I used the best one, and rotated it for each
of the four corners. The middle areas, I cut a small part and with CSs
repeated it. The top/bottom/left/right 'vectors' I did the same.

I never viewed them as large images, its probally due to
me hosting my servers at my place of residence, slower 
residental link.

> Remember, if your market is corporate America, then you want sleek,
> clean easy to read and understand in 3 seconds, that's the attention
> span of a corporate mucky-muck. But at least there you can get away
> with large images, since they have fast connections.

> If your market is small firms, they might give you 2 minutes, and
> their pipe is not so big.

> And when you start building sites for the public, don't assume
> everyone has IE 6, XP and a DSL connection. Design accordingly.
Ya, I usually would design with Lynx in mind, and netscape 4.7.

Typically the portfolio for a Multimedia developer, would be in flash,
but me, I find flash annoying and slow; but, its good for what it is
good for, a web site, i feel it is not good for.

So then I got another 'ingenius'(?) idea, to design with 'elements'; which
my theory is based on many 'elements' of technology 'mixed and matched',
into the end product; I've never tried it, expect when my v2 portfolio is done,
it should be 'elementized'. the main idea behind it is to offer the content
in a technological form, that may represent the best usage of that

I'm still not clear on the whole concept myself yet, but
to me it sounds amazing.

Thanks for your opinions and advice.


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