[thelist] Re: how does this page look in IE6?

Gary McPherson genyus at ingenyus.net
Sat Jul 5 21:37:59 CDT 2003

> Hash: MD5
> Might want to check what encoding the servers are sending the
> pages as, or if either one is adding a DOCTYPE adding on it's
> own (the latter I doubt, while the previous is about the only
> explanation I can think of for why it might serve a static
> page differently just because of the host). A different
> encoding enforced by the server to the browser could cause a
> different in the way certain spaces are rendered, not likely
> but as I said about the only reason I can think of, other
> than script parsing differences on the host which I'm
> assuming there wouldn't be before hand.

There's always a more obvious culprit in situations like these - human

Sharon, I searched through both pages and besides the paths used for
links, found only one difference. Funnily enough, it is in the footer
table. I believe an incorrect path for the image used as a spacer may be
what's causing the deviation. On the exact-data server, the src
attribute is "download2_files/trans.gif", but on your server, it's
"download1_files/trans.html" (Note the incorrect extension). You can
observe the effect this causes by setting the borders for the footer
table to 1 - on your server, only one cell is displayed, while on the ED
server, both are shown. Have a look at it and let us know how you get


The border on the header makes so much sense it's unbelievable they
asked to have it taken out - I'd fight on to put it back in.

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