[thelist] OT: default compose font in outlook express?

Antal Novak afn67 at weevil.net
Sun Sep 21 15:27:01 CDT 2003

Just replying to this because I was looking for an answer to this same
question, and the lists.evolt.org archive was the first result that came up;
and no one who answered this question really read what he was asking for.

The solution to this problem is described at:

One thing I'd recommend is instead of setting the font for the "User
Defined" encoding, use Western European (or whatever your current default
encoding is).  While you *can* set your default encoding to "user defined",
this default will not be used when composing new messages; furthermore, if
you set your encoding to "user defined" for an outgoing message, the header
will contain charset="x-user-defined", which will probably screw up other
mail clients trying to read your message.  Finally, there seems to be a
beautiful bug in OE (I'm using version 6.00.2800.1123) where the font used
for the user-defined encoding is always fricken huge, and changing the font
size in the settings for the encoding don't affect it.  Also, when following
the steps above, just ignore the fact that the proportional font for Western
European is, by default, set to "Arial" in the dialog box, even though the
application clearly defaults to using Times New Roman.  Thinking about it
will only make your brain hurt.

I love Microsoft for their fine quality products.  :-D


> sorry beforehand.
> when composing plain text in outlook, i always see a
> times new roman font. how can i change this to courier
> so that i can figure out the exact formatting of my
> messages?
> if i use html email by default, then i can set my
> stationary etc but what if i am using plain text as my
> default compose type?
> thanks!
> erick

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