[thelist] Replacement for Dreamweaver

Russ russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Tue Apr 27 18:15:41 CDT 2004

> ---------------------------------
> I use Dreamweaver, but only for the Site Files view for FTP-ing files.
> I like having the visual ability to see the files on both the 
> local and
> remote sides.
> ---------------------------------
> With every Get/Put action, Dreamweaver does a number of other 
> actions too
> (depending on your site settings) - it updates the "_notes/" 
> file for each
> file being transferred, may create a rollback version, etc.  
> This on top of
> the bulk of the program itself makes using DW only as an FTP client a
> classic case of The Sledgehammer And The Thumbtack.

And those features you can turn off at-will.  RTFM, mang.

It's one thing to dislike a feature; I can appreciate that, but it
sounds like your dislike is something that you have control over, which
is truly odd.

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