[thelist] [Site Check] http://www.saveinverclyderoyal.com

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Wed Jun 9 14:16:32 CDT 2004

>>I wonder of any of you would mind doing a site check on

> - In Gecko your "save" title in the green is not showing up. It is
> being covered up by the body. IE is fine but I think you want to fix
> that.

In Mozilla too. Could it be the <p> around the logo text? Maybe you 
could remove that?

One quick test I often do is viewing the site without stylesheets, and 
with this I noticed that all your navigations are at the bottom of the 
page, if you had <div id="top"> before the logo and content, then it 
would appear always on the top. Another drawback of having the nav-divs 
at the end of the document is, that they download last - no big, you 
might say, as it's all text, but I've just been strugling couple weeks 
without adsl, and the dial-up speeds I get are usually around 20 - 30 
kbps... and then you do notice this kind of details...

<tip type="reality check">
every now and then, forget that fat pipe of yours, and use dial-up for a 
day - it gives you a whole new perspective.


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