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dave [ evolt ] evoltlist at dropcase.com
Wed Jun 9 14:33:51 CDT 2004

Kasimir K wrote:

>>> I wonder of any of you would mind doing a site check on
>>> http://www.saveinverclyderoyal.com/
>> - In Gecko your "save" title in the green is not showing up. It is
>> being covered up by the body. IE is fine but I think you want to fix
>> that.
> In Mozilla too. Could it be the <p> around the logo text? Maybe you 
> could remove that?
> One quick test I often do is viewing the site without stylesheets, and 
> with this I noticed that all your navigations are at the bottom of the 
> page, if you had <div id="top"> before the logo and content, then it 
> would appear always on the top. Another drawback of having the 
> nav-divs at the end of the document is, that they download last - no 
> big, you might say, as it's all text, but I've just been strugling 
> couple weeks without adsl, and the dial-up speeds I get are usually 
> around 20 - 30 kbps... and then you do notice this kind of details...
> <tip type="reality check">
> every now and then, forget that fat pipe of yours, and use dial-up for 
> a day - it gives you a whole new perspective.
> </tip>
> .k

hi sandra,
looks good, and like tom said, the "save" text isn't visible for me 
either, using mozilla 1.6 on XP (but is fine in IE). part of it is 
highlighted for comparison:
if you remove the <p> tag like kasmir suggested, it will fix the problem 
(at least it did when i tested it locally).

- on the articles.php page you have &amp; showing instead of the 
ampersand, and i get a 404 on the sponsors.php page (verified in moz / IE).

other than that, it looks good, and is easy to navigate through... and i 
agree with k on the navigation div. it's an eye-opener to view pages 
with css turned off. great job...

[ dave ]
[ http://www.dropcase.com ]

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