[thelist] MM Contribute viability? (was MM Contribute errors)

Seth Thomas Rasmussen seth at sethrasmussen.com
Mon Aug 2 15:16:12 CDT 2004

Tom wrote:
It's interesting that I just watched MM slides on this product, and on the
surface it looks like a
great product. We need a CMS that IS convenient for plain old office people.
I don't think MM is
saying they can cover all the bases of good web design with their product.
Aren't they saying
"here's a way to easily manage your content" of that website while
attempting to support


Like I said, it's not a terrible product. And I should have been clearer: I
don't think they're saying they're covering all the bases with one product.

I dunno... when I look at all the custom CMS's I've done for sites at work,
and also compare Contrib to the open-source, web-based CMS's cited here as
well, it just seems like an inferior solution to either. Again, because you
lose control and are not able to make the best site possible, and why? Just
so one can crank one more site out and so users can edit a Web site as if it
were a Word document. Nevermind the fact that it's NOT a Word document, nor
is it even close...

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