[thelist] Site check please...

Scott Harman scott at harman.tv
Wed Sep 22 11:58:23 CDT 2004

It's a site I've created for my MSc project - please don't be too cruel!
I'd like it if someone running linux with mplayer (with windows codecs
installed) could test the browse component for me.
if it doesn't work - doesn't matter too much as it's hoped I can sell it
to my old company which is Win2k/XP only.
please login as thelist at lists.evolt.org with password evolt
else, feel free to register, and I'll generate some rights.
I'd just like to know about usability - not speed so much, as it's
running on my home machine on 768Kb cable.
browse.php contains at last count 4 iframes, as I can't see any better
way of loading the data independantly and in isolation.
There are a few dummy clips on there - load no content so as not to
stress my poor little server, and rather depressing cable connection!
Best regards,
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