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Steven Streight vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 18:07:04 CST 2004

Chris Hardy wrote a very smart reply to this topic.

I forgot the important point brought out in Hardy's
message: if the client isn't all that interested in
the "how" and just wants to hear about the results and
benefits, shut up. 

You can sense that you've lost someone due to their
disinterest in technical details vs. lost because
while they want to follow, they've stumbled over some
lack in their knowledge.

I failed to mention this aspect, and feel "dumb" now.

Jennifer, you started one of the most interesting
threads I've ever seen, of course, because I'm a
content writer.

Sorry if it seemed I was attacking your word choice. I
don't like "dumbing down", and I hate it when web
designers think users are stupid or uneducated, when
the truth is that usability and clarity are important
due to users, of all skills levels, being in a hurry.
Or being tired and the coffee's not keeping them

I like this thread so much, I just finished an article
on it for my Vaspers the Grate usability blog.

Thanks for the topic idea.

Steven Streight
Web Usability Analyst/Content Writer

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