[thelist] What site builder to use

Adam Pearson addon at bigpond.net.au
Sat Jan 1 22:31:57 CST 2005

Thanks for the comment:

1. I have Adobe GoLive (see my original post)
2. I have Dreamweaver (did not mention in my post)
3. I don't have a web server, surely won't need one till I want to launch 
my site and do not see how Drupal can manage site construction (pages, 
images, media, links, etc etc) such as I mentioned ... What am I missing ... ?



At 01:58 PM 2/01/2005, you wrote:
>Well I think HTML Kit is free and Adobe Golive is not, so the choice is 
>really quick. Do you know that the standard now is Macromedia Dreamweaver 
>(not free) ?
>So HTML Kit will do just fine.
>And yes you can use many software to edit your HTML.
>But.. If you have all that time, check out http://www.drupal.org and also 
>its plug ins module nammed HTMLAREA.
>Try to install those 2 things on your webserver (needs PHP&Mysql) and then 
>go from there.
>You might have lots of fun, who knows.
>Drupal has a taxonomy stuff that you want to examinate before judging, it 
>can be really helpful in your personal site building, it can handle 
>complexity in terms of page linking pretty well compares to what you can 
>do with a simple HTML editor..
>give it a try, bye.
>Adam Pearson wrote:
>>I am creating what will be quite a large site to describe all my 
>>interests, some of which are extremely detailed and a bit esoteric - for 
>>example the application of the concepts of complex systems to management 
>>- and at the same time I want to really learn HTML etc.  (I have Laura 
>>Lemay's book and finding that very good.)  So I see my choice as being:
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