[thelist] RE: contacting Evolt admins

Steven Streight vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 1 01:54:39 CST 2005

I'm sorry, but I've been up working for nearly 24
hours straight through, ran a seminar today by myself,
lots going on...

...and even though I went to the Evolt web site and
examined the List email message trails provided on
Yahoo email x-ray whatever...

...I can't find out how to contact the Evolt

I keep getting The [evolt] List members telling me or
others to STOP posting on the topic thread I started
on "blaster worm punishment".

If I get a RE: ADMIN Evolt or similar From line in my
email, then I'll know that I *must* obey the
suggestion to stop posting on a thread, too much
flaming going on or whatever.

Please bear with me.

How do I contact the Evolt Admins?

Why would an Evolt member command another member to
"stop posting on this, go start a blog, etc."???

Heck, just don't open any email on a thread you don't
like others to debate vigorously but politely.

Two banana at best.

Steven Streight
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Digital Media Artist
Virtual Instrument Music Composer

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