[thelist] 1and1 hosting

Jason Handby jasonh at corestar.co.uk
Tue Jul 19 08:43:09 CDT 2005

> I'm looking at moving my companies hosting to 1and1 and was 
> looking for opinons and horror stories, if any.

Be wary of their technical support!

I moved my email hosting to them, having spoken to their tech support by
phone and been assured that I didn't have to have my DNS hosted with
them in order for it to work. A couple of weeks later I started getting
"reminder" emails from their system telling me that my email hosting
would be deleted if I didn't move my DNS to them. They then rather
sheepishly told me that their initial advice had been wrong after all.
So I had to cancel the package. Annoying.

(I now host my email at www.fasthosts.co.uk who seem much more laid back
and flexible.)

That's just email hosting; your mileage may vary, especially if what
you're doing is fairly straightforward and fits with how their automated
system likes to do things.


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