[thelist] CSS and Firefox

Adrian Fischer adrian at aussiebidder.com
Wed Dec 7 05:18:33 CST 2005

Greetings all,

After a hiatus of over 3 years Ive returned cap in hand to ask some

I have been selected from a cast of thousands to redevelop our comapanys web
site.  I didnt design it (they paid experts a couple of K for that, would
appreciate your comments on that as well).  I did mention that I had some
knowledge of HTML so I got the gig (unpaid of course). I thought I would do
the complete site without one single table (everything Ive done till know
was with tables).  So with google smoking as I search for references on css
and numerous tutorials and an whole heap of trial and error, I know have the
basis of the site done and the css even validates (well there are heaps of
warnings to do with color and bg color but the validator dis say I could put
the W3X CSS logo with a tick on it on the site ;-))

The site looks ok in IE (taking into account there is still some work to be
on its presentation ie some graphics on the Services pages).  The css lays
out the page nicely and I have used inline lists for the navigation...a
thing of beauty..however when you look at it in Firefox (v1.0.4) all the
navigation goes out the window.  All the bullet points appear in the lists
on each page and the navigation at the bottom of the Services page screws up

As state, I am very new to css and have never attempted to do anything with
css on this scale before.  Could some kind soul have a look and if your
sides havent exploded with laughter at my attempt, perhaps post some
pointers on what Ive done wrong.  I would really not like to have to go back
and do the whole thing with tables.  Oh it uses SSI to  import the
navigation and footer but I dont think this is the problem.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Here is the link:


King Regards

Adrian Fischer

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