[thelist] Browser support, drawing a pragmatic line in the sand.

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Mon May 1 11:39:21 CDT 2006

Chris at globet.com wrote:

> I would personally deal with this while you are negotiating a statement
> of requirements with the client. The client tells me which browsers they
> want supported, I calculate the time it will take me to produce the
> required code for the required browsers, I can then multiply the hours
> by my hourly rate and deliver the quote. The amount of time it will take
> me to accommodate a fixed list of browsers will depend on the graphic
> design, which is one reason I would personally not supply a "rate card"
> for such things.

Agree, I'm looking for a baseline for that negotiation.

I have clients tell me things like "all popular browsers" or the 
latest versions and two previous revisions.

If I price based on my understanding of that, then I might price 
myself out of the job and I always reserve pricing until I have sight 
of the visual design.

So I see what you're saying, I guess it's more about where to start 
confidently, and pricing for extras.  A bit like selling the base 
model car and individual option pricing.

Accurate pricing can be a time consuming process and streamlining it 
means more profit...


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