[thelist] Alternatives to IFrames?

Tim Palac tymartist at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 4 13:46:34 CDT 2006


I really have been meaning to pick up a book on AJAX, just finished up a 
book on DOM and having some great results with it.  Your website is pretty 
awesome and that book called Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and 
Ajax: From Novice to Professional that you reference can probably help me 
out with that.  In the mean time, I'm going to try and find a good DOM way 
to resize the iframe to the content either (a) when it loads or (b) when 
something inside is clicked and expands (used some DOM inside).

As a side note, anyone have any good links on how to detect if a file that 
DOM is pointing to actually exists, and if not don't load it?  Working on 
name/phone/image list and the image pulls from the person's name so it 
always loads.  Worst case is using a 1x1 filler, but that defeats the 
purpose :)

Thanks for you help guys, love this list already.  If anyone wants to chat 
web, throw me an IM on yahoo/gmail/hotmail/aim at TymArtist.  Just gettin 
through work haha.


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>Subject: Re: [thelist] Alternatives to IFrames?
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>Ideally you should be given a way to fit in with their templates, other 
> > iFrames which I agree are far from ideal.
>Frames? I guess they belong to 90's or so. It has been such a long time I
>haven't heard that ancient word.
>They are bad for well known reasons that I don't want to dive in (SEO,
>Accessibility, Usability...) You may want to convince your company / client
>etc.. not to use frames at all.
>Of course there are (rarely) legitimate usages of a framed layout. But if
>one offers me to plug my content into a frame-based template I would simply
>say "no... hell no!" and immediately run away.
>As an alternative (forgive me if I'm sinning here) you can use JavaScript
>and AJAX and load your content to a DHTML layer inside the page. Then you
>will be able to style your content exactly the way you want.
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