[thelist] need a sanity check - browser or code?

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Fri Oct 20 14:19:41 CDT 2006

In IE (6) I visit the About Us page of a shopping cart I am 
configuring.  Page loads fine.  I visit alternate pages (not the 
shopping cart itself), and they load fine.  If I visit the cart page, 
some of the same images (categories) refuse to load.  After having 
visited the main cart page,  all pages now start having problems loading 

If I restart the browser the problem goes away until I hit the cart page.

To further test, I restart browser - this time I go to the directory 
where the category images are stored; no problem selecting, viewing 
images. So I visit the cart main page again, then visit alternate pages 
which begin to fail to display, loading -- downloading forever --.  I 
return to images directory, lo and behold, the image list is there but I 
cannot select and view any images.

I asked business owner to take a look at the site with IE6.  No problem 
for him.  No problems with the cart page, paging back/forth.   The 
problem only seems to manifest itself on MY pc/laptop and with IE.  Of 
course, no problems found when using Firefox... 

The conclusion - I am going mad at a logarithmically faster pace...  If 
this is a problem with the customizations I made to the header/footer, 
etc, why doesn't it fail on the business owner's pc? 


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