[thelist] my #1 ecommerce sales tip

jason.handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Wed Nov 29 03:35:11 CST 2006

Hi Steven,

As several others have said already, I think this is a terrible idea. If
I knew that a site wanted all those details from me, up front,
specifically so they could phone / email / VoIP / fax / post to me, I
wouldn't use the site. If a site requires a phone number from me, and
it's not obvious that it is actually needed (for example, for use in
case of delivery problems), I give a made-up number.

It feels a bit like the experience of walking into a real life shop, and
having the sales assistant ask if they can help you within the first 10
seconds. You know it's all about their desire to sell something, and not
at all about you.

I think this is an example of marketing people taking something which
*they* would like very much and failing to see that it's something their
prospective customers will not want at all. If you do end up
implementing it, it would be interesting to see the web stats for how
many people quit the order process at the point where they are asked to
enter all of that contact information into required fields. I know I

With respect, Steven, I think if your conclusion from having consulted
"your esteemed colleagues" is that

> It needs 
> tweaking, but I think there is a sound principle behind the 
> intent to interact with and acknowledge the customer at his 
> or her first commitment to the site by registration.

then you can't have read their comments! :-)


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