[thelist] eMail Edits please!

jason.handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Tue Feb 6 17:44:03 CST 2007

> I don't see where that page clearly defines what is "correct" 
> or incorrect for all cases. Even it did, it's still only one 
> person's opinion. Note the word "guidelines" and also note 
> that point 5 is somewhat mitigated by point 6. The only thing 
> certain about this topic, is that people will never stop 
> lecturing each other over it. Even if the world came to a 
> consensus on it, you'd still have people that wouldn't adhere 
> to it for whatever reason.

It doesn't matter who adheres to what in the world at large. This list
is not the world at large. It's a list that's owned by a group of
people, and they have guidelines for how they want subscribers to
behave. In the same way I can't do much about whether or not people take
their shoes off when they walk into a house in the world at large, but I
can require them to do it when they walk into *my* house. Because it's
my house, it's not just one person's opinion.

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound heavy (re-reading this); I think it's just
important to observe that email lists aren't public spaces owned by
nobody. It seems reasonable to me for the list owners to have guidelines
that they'd like people to follow. And I happen to quite like their
guidelines! :-)


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