[thelist] eMail Edits please!

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Tue Feb 6 17:53:09 CST 2007

Actually, you agree to those "guidelines" when you sign up for thelist. 
So they are more than one persons opinion. I agree that there are 
debates over whether top quoting, bottom quoting or interstitial quoting 
are the "best" ways, but trimming posts and clarifying the poster you 
are replying to are pretty straight forward, unambiguously good things.

So please, trim your posts everyone and lets get back to helping each 
other with web development.

<tip type="Coldfusion Components" author="Judah McAuley">
Did you know that Coldfusion Components (CFCs) can be self documenting? 
If you address the CFC directly from your web browser and don't supply 
any arguments, it will prompt you to supply either the RDS or 
CFAdministrator password. After authenticating, it will display the 
properties, methods, hierarchy, etc. along with the built in help 
provided by the "hint" attribute.

Ron wrote:
> I don't see where that page clearly defines what is "correct" or 
> incorrect for all cases. Even it did, it's still only one person's 
> opinion. Note the word "guidelines" and also note that point 5 is 
> somewhat mitigated by point 6. The only thing certain about this topic, 
> is that people will never stop lecturing each other over it. Even if the 
> world came to a consensus on it, you'd still have people that wouldn't 
> adhere to it for whatever reason.

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