[thelist] ie7 doctype issues

Michael Kelley mkelley at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 10:30:54 CDT 2007

I have a few site members with some IE7 issues with how our pages
display. One of my teammates, luckily, has an XP system with the same
errors. I setup a VM, tested my home machine and we are unable to
duplicate this out of a stock install of IE7. We setup our VM to match
the version and plug-ins as our teammate's system and still had two
display problems.

By playing around with doctypes and css, we finally discovered that
despite having our "quirks mode" on by the doctype, a few instances of
XP/IE7 were viewing this as standards mode. Has anyone else seen this
type of behavor? Is there something to trigger IE7 to ignore a

(as a background, this is a site receiving around 500k uniques a month
with 97% IE usage. Out of these visitors, I have roughly under a dozen
tickets about this issue)

Mike Kelley

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