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Donna Jones donnajjones at gwi.net
Sat Mar 31 01:47:00 CDT 2007

> I have also found from experience from a stint in Australia that courses are
> expensive and a waste of money. I have learnt far more from buying books and
> reading sites on the internet and discussion lists and conversations over
> messenger with people from this list.

ah .... you reminded me of what i have to say about courses.  I, too, 
think local courses are really really bad and sometimes I check them out 
  (which I did recently and they hadn't improved).  It does urk me that 
they're putting out students that "think" they know what they are doing 
and they haven't even scratched the surface.

BUT, on-line courses are another thing altogether.  What got me into all 
this "trouble" was discovering Ziff-Davis University, probably 1998 or 
so.  I ended up taking tons of courses through them, they're now 
non-existent (though they may still exist for businesses).  Now I take 
courses through http://www.iwanet.org/ , International Webmasters, and 
they are excellent!  2004 was my year to "really" learn css and I took 
the intermediate and advanced one - really can't say enough good things 
about it.  maybe i just like classes but it was a boon to me to have 
someone very knowledgable managing and presenting the information.  The 
information is "all there", on the web, but the lack of organization is 
hard for me.  Plus, we had to turn in assignments and review and be 
reviewed by our peers, very good interaction resulted.

Back in Ziff-Davis time I realized that the real knowledge was "on the 
web" and that locally there practically wasn't none and I think that is 
still true, as far as classes go.


Donna Jones
Portland, Maine
207 772 0266

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