[thelist] Another dumb question -- sendmail

Brent Eades beades at almonte.com
Mon Jul 16 16:16:11 CDT 2007

Some of you may recall my earlier posts about rebuilding my Fedora Core
6 server after being rootkit-infiltrated by the instigators of the Poste
Italiene phishing exploit.

(BTW, I see these bastards have just been arrested; see:
http://www.quantum-whale.com/software/poste-italiane-phishers-arrested )

Anyway, as mentioned previously, it's been years since I've had to
configure a Linux box from scratch. The only thing I don't have working
now is the the ability to send mail from my newly-configured box.
Neither sendmail from the command line nor PHP mail() seems to
successfully send mail.

I don't actually run my own mail server; I use my ISP's SMTP server to
send mail (or I used to, that is.)

I recall that when I last set this up it was awfully darn complicated
(for a non-Linux-geek like me, anyway.)

In any case -- can someone point me to a good tutorial on how to set up
Fedora 6 to actually send mail through an ISP's SMTP server? I had this
working fine with my old install, but I can't remember for the life of
me how I got it working back then.

Brent Eades	
Almonte, Ontario

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