[thelist] .NET book recommendation (was RE: simple asp.net question)

Jeremy Coulson jcoulson at co.frederick.va.us
Mon Aug 6 07:36:09 CDT 2007

I ordered the book.  I found it at Borders for $60.  Then I found it on
Amazon.com for $40.  I added it to my cart and decided to try different
shipping levels to see how much it would cost to get it here sooner than two
weeks.  I wanted to know if it was worth paying an extra $20 to get it from
a store right in town.  While I was trying these different shipping options,
Amazon tossed a message up to me saying I was "selected" for a free trial
membership to Amazon prime -- and free 2-day shipping!  So, I signed up for
the trial right away and ordered the book.  Now I have a month to buy things
with free 2-day shipping on Amazon.

I still haven't been able to create the SQL statement with parameters or get
the "no results" message to display correctly, but maybe I'll be able to
gain some insight from the giant book coming my way.

Jeremy Coulson
PC Technician/Webmaster, Frederick County
(540) 722-8211
jcoulson at co.frederick.va.us

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> To be honest - I would strongly recommend you go and buy 
> Stephen Walther's "ASP.NET Unleashed" book

seconded, and I'd recommend you find it used at a place like Alibris
(http://Alibris.com/) where you can get the second edition (for .NET
1.1) for $1.99 US plus shipping. Unless you prefer the 2.0 version for
$40, which, if you've got the budget, is almost certainly worth the $$

it's good to read as an overview, work through as a tutorial, or return
to as a reference.


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