[thelist] Good Mid-Range CMS Options?

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 09:12:06 CDT 2007

> Hopefully you can help me out - The organization I work for, a small
> non-profit (75 people or so) is looking for a new CMS.  We're currently
> running PaperThin's CommonSpot (yuck!) and looking to move to a similar
> mid-range application.  It would preferrably be something that supports
> XML/XSLT and works well when integrating with a back end AMS (database).

For NPO check out: http://civicrm.org/

I recommend running it on http://drupal.org/ , an excellent all-purpose 
CMS, which has XML/XLST and is infinitely expandable with modules.


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