[thelist] Bulk Photo Uploads

Scott Wilhelm (HireAWebGeek.com) scott at hireawebgeek.com
Thu Oct 25 06:09:43 CDT 2007

I have a customer who wants to upload thousands of photos to his site
to then be transferred to a gallery display.

The photos are from paintball league, so this happens 6 times during
the summer, and the photos are in 3 formats, full high-res over 1 MB
each, resized to 600px wide (approx 300kb each), and thumbnails (50kb
each)...a huge upload at times...I'm trying to get them to not upload
the full size, especially since they're giving away part of their
product, but that's another story.

My problem is that there are approximately 6,000 photos each time that
they want to upload, they have issues trying to upload through an FTP
client (I've tried to have them use WS_FTP 95 to maybe oversimplify
things..)  Although, they keep trying to go back & use Internet

I realize part of my problem is client education & training.
Although, I would like to find something that they can use, such as
some sort of component or something that I can install that they will
be able to use through a web interface.

If anyone has an other experiences with bulk uploads similar to this,
if you could share your experience & resolution, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you very much for any information.



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