[thelist] Homestead.com (was: Layout Stability)

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Sat Nov 10 20:17:16 CST 2007

On 2007/11/10 08:58 (GMT-0500) DAVOUD TOHIDY apparently typed:

> Type the following combination of keywords in google:

> dancesrq homestead ballroom 


> You will get to see it.  For a partialy screen capture of the layout
> see here:

> http://cssfreelancer.awardspace.com/captures/dancerq.html 

I had nothing to do with the creation of the site from which that image was
made. http://dancesrq.homestead.com/ is the very first site ever built by a
friend's daughter. She used homestead.com's garbageware to create it because
it was "easy" and inexpensively hosted. She created it shortly before her
windoz computer broke and was replaced by a Mac.

Since homestead.com garbageware is not supported or offered for the Mac, she
has not yet done any updating based upon any knowledge she gained from
examining http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/auth/Sites/ksc/ which on the other hand
was created by me _based_upon_her_ homestead.com site. I did it originally as
an exercise designed to show her the difference between valid standards-based
HTML and CSS and the tag soup that homestead.com litters the internet with.
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