[thelist] Editing an existing mpeg video

ww warren0728 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 19:04:33 CST 2008

On Jan 23, 2008, at 6:33 PM, Nick Brogna wrote:

> The cheapest and easiest option is probably using iMovie (which
> should already be in your computer if it came preloaded with the
> iLife suite or you purchased it separately) and the $3.00 "picture in
> clip (static)" iMovie plugin found here: http://www.imovieplugins.com/
> plugs/pictinclipstat.html This should allow you to embed a
> "watermark" or "bug" or whatever image you like into the video pretty
> painlessly. If they want to add a video clip as their bug, the same
> company offers a video version of the same plugin for $3.50: http://
> www.imovieplugins.com/plugs/multimoov.html
> Hope this helps!
> Cheers,
> Nick Brogna
> Senior Project Manager
> Jepson Technologies, Inc.
> www.jepsontech.com

this sounds like exactly what i need....gonna check it out now!


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