[thelist] Rights with a non paying client...?

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Mon Apr 7 15:09:55 CDT 2008

> Yes, this is an easy one.  Don't deface anything.  Exhaust all nice means to
> get your money, then hire a lawyer to write a letter on your behalf, then
> take them to court if all that doesn't work.   Again, do not deface
> anything--you will regret it later on.

I had a client like this a few years ago. (It took 6 months to get paid.)
I had access to their website and email and after asking repeatedly for payment and receiving no response I began to warn that I'd disable email access until they would respond to pay the invoice.

No files lost, nothing defaced, no malicious damage, just a minor inconvenience, but when their email went down I got paid _very_ fast.

Fortunately this was the first and last time I had to deal with a client like this - everyone else has been fantastic.

Be careful who you do work for - make sure you have clear terms and when in doubt get part-payment in advance. Most people who are unwilling to pay part-payment near the start of a project will likely stiff you or be a complete pain to get payment from at the end.

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