[thelist] UK, take credit card, bill in a month

John Allsopp john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Thu Apr 10 06:05:04 CDT 2008

Barry Woolgar wrote:
> John Allsopp wrote:
>> Hi
>> I don't know if the rules are different in the UK (but that's where we
>> are) to the US, but I want to sell something off the page and offer a 
>> free trial period. I want to take the credit card details, not bill 
>> the user, and then bill them in 30 days.
> Are you in a position to go down the route of a merchant bank account?
> Secure Trading (and others I'm sure) allow you to change the number of days
> between card authorisation and settlement, although I don't know what the
> upper limit on this is. This way the card is validated/authorised up front,
> and payment is automatically taken (or not, financial situation might have
> changed) once the settlement delay is up. You can cancel the payment at any
> time within this period without them being charged, but I don't know if
> their account is 'shadowed' for the outstanding amount during this 30 days -
> you'd need to investigate further as I haven't actually done this myself...
> :)
> Hope that helps
> Barry
Thanks, I imagine there'd be no problem getting a merchant account. I'd 
tend towards using Protx to provide the interface.


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