[thelist] GoDaddy SSL Verification

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Wed Jul 16 19:27:41 CDT 2008

Hi Fred,

"Fred Jones" <fredthejonester at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I get the warning too, that the page contains unauthenticated content, 
>> so
>> the godaddy tech person was not correct!

Yes he was.  Your certificate chain is now installed correctly.

> Hmm. On my FF2 and also IE6 I now don't get an unauthenticated or
> unverified content issue, so that's good.

Right, because the certificate installation issue is now resolved.

> ...But I do get: This page contains both secure and insecure items.
> which I think may be due to image references not using https:// but
> I'm not sure.

Exactly.  Now that your certificate is installed correctly, the next 
problem has been revealed.  You will get this mixed content error if all of 
the page's inline-assets are not also linked to a valid SSL-protected URL.

That includes: inline images, linked .css stylesheets, .js javascripts, 
.swf flash animations, etc.

fix those and your "mixed content" warning will go away too.



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