[thelist] GoDaddy SSL Verification

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 03:57:11 CDT 2008

>> ...But I do get: This page contains both secure and insecure items.
>> which I think may be due to image references not using https:// but
>> I'm not sure.
> Exactly.  Now that your certificate is installed correctly, the next
> problem has been revealed.  You will get this mixed content error if all of
> the page's inline-assets are not also linked to a valid SSL-protected URL.
> That includes: inline images, linked .css stylesheets, .js javascripts,
> .swf flash animations, etc.
> fix those and your "mixed content" warning will go away too.

We found that calling the Google Analytics JS file caused the problem.
Moving that onto my server fixed it.

Thank you

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