[thelist] US Online Bank

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 08:37:22 CST 2012

I have a small online business and I use CDG Commerce to process
credit cards. The money goes straight into my checking account. Now I
have another one and I want to switch from PayPal Pro to also use CDG
Commerce. But I want to keep the deposits separate. I tried opening a
savings account at my existing bank, ING Direct, but they can't send a
letter to verify that it accepts ACH deposits, so CDG can't work with

So my question is: Can anyone recommend an online bank in the US where
I can open a checking account, so that I can have CDG process payments
for my site?


PS: CDG gives a better deal on transactions than PayPal Pro and PayPal
keeps 1/3 of each transaction for 3 months locked up--CDG doesn't.

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