[Theforum] sites I visit 2+ times per day

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Tue Nov 27 14:40:50 CST 2001

> >ask yourself what sites you vist more than twice a day, then 
> ask yourself
> >why.

espn.com -- content changes couple times a day
msnbc.com -- "
weather.com -- cause it's Texas. The weather can be nutty
dallasnews.com -- good (Stars) coverage, content updated often (about
twice a day)
msdn.microsoft.com (docs, kb articles, and shite)
m-w.com -- when spell check pukes on something I know I've spelled wrong
(or close to right)

> >then ask evolt can become a site like that for you. :)

it would take content changing quite often. To be honest, the list
provides more than enough, so I dunno what would bring me to thesite
more than once a day (I'm currently at once a week or so)

I'll second Erika's shot: tutorials rock.


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