[Theforum] RE: leadership

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 29 14:24:05 CDT 2002

This is the only personal email from last week I'm replying to publically.

I'd really like to think that you and/or others don't think of me as a
leader of evolt _just_ because I have 'keys to the servers'. If some
people don't think of anyone, include me, as a leader, well.. thats just
fine, no one is here to win a popularity vote I'd imagine. I think of a
leader as someone who gets shit done either directly, motivates others
to do things, or provides a direction for others to follow.

I'd hope that people would consider the work i've done(to name a few
specific example) -
organizing 3 successfull codefests, getting the survey together, online,
organized, and out there(with much help), writing a pretty kick ass
mailing list manager, being a contibutor to our CMS(till january),
creating members.evolt.org and administrating 1000 users for over a year
now, pimping for free software(sometimes successfully) and donations for
evolt, advocating evolt to just about every person i meet, writing a
better solution for answering email submissions, compliant and
accessable list archives, and yes even managing the servers for 2+
years(with great success if i do say so) - when/if I'm judged, and not
just the fact that I have the 'keys' to the servers.

I'm really not on board with evolt to win a popularity contest, I'm here
to do cool shit and to have fun with something thats pretty exciting for
a lot of people.

Anyways, I don't want to re-open all the negative shit which thankfully
has been left behind on theforum, but I did want to respond to at least
this one particular email ....

Marlene Bruce wrote:

> I'd like to re-assert something: Dan is not evolt and he is not our
> leader. He in effect may have the keys to the servers, but that
> doesn't make him the leader. Leadership is something we infer. If our
> inferred leader isn't doing what we want, we can talk our ball and go
> play elsewhere.

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