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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 19:26:03 CDT 2002

> Is there any compelling reason why *I* can't run with the <tips> calendar
> idea?  Are you guys telling me "no" .. concentrate on other areas .. even
> though I've already strongly volunteered to do this one project .. and I'm

The only reason against running with it is that "flooding" the membership
with a bunch of branded products at the same time (as much as a mousepad and
a calendar could be considered "flooding"!) might be a less-than-optimal
move. But, obviously the mousepad is (I assume) in production, while
starting the calendar now (designing, checking printing options, sourcing
permission for use of content, etc) should have it ready in x months.

So "go for it!". It's a good idea (and especially so because it's a yearly
thing, whereas not many people will be re-buying mousepads/hats/whatever
every 12 months).

All I'm suggesting is that we aim beyond "paying for the bandwidth". Let's
pay for the bandwidth, *and* push evolt.org harder so that we're in a
position to do more for our community (run a conference, lobby for an issue,


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