[theforum] about us draft (& copyright question)

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Oct 28 18:23:14 CDT 2008

.:| > Nope. This is our exact distinction from mj, and in fact the raison
.:| d'etre.
.:| This may language issue.  If evolt publishes something, that is a
.:| right.
.:|   As Martin pointed out, it is a right granted by the author, in the
.:| act
.:| of posting a list email or an article.

The difference is, we don't claim it, but derive it from the author's
knowledge, that's what I was responding to, and what I felt like an
indication that we owned some rights to the content derived from that. Even
data posted on our pages is a data we do not claim rights over.

.:| If another site were to mirror our list archive, that could be an
.:| issue
.:| for original authors (who only granted the right to evolt to publish
.:| the
.:| work, not to the secondary site), but it would not be an issue for
.:| us.

Well, looking at the mj scenario back in the day, dan was solving a need.
There was no archive at mj so dan created one from the posts in his mailbox.
As I understand evolt's status today, if someone were to do the same with
posts sent to thelist, i'm not certain that we would a) object and b) have
the rights to object, as we have always claimed that all rights still are
with the author and it would thus be his decision in the first place.


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