[thelist] Webmonkey article: Death of Websafe

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Mon Oct 23 15:05:17 CDT 2000

I just now FINALLY got around to reading this.

The article starts by saying this:

"Our project featured a design with beautiful, subtle pastel colors 
that looked ridiculous when converted to their nearest websafe 

Here's my question: didn't the designer/artist think about this when 
he/she was building the design?  Why not?  Who comes up with these 
harebrained schemes?


Strategy 5 & 6 make the most sense to me:

and I've employed them before, noticing such color shifts on 16 bit 
(Windows) machines.


I like Strategy 9, also: "Go Back to Print Design."

I would _never_ consider telling a print designer how to design for 
print.  It's not my area of expertise, and I know it.  So why do 
print designers go around telling web designers how to do their job?

I was just wondering.


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