[thelist] can application.cfm mess up custom tags?

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Thu Oct 26 17:43:25 CDT 2000


: From: Nick Koleszar
: I may have altered the application.cfm file, could this
: affect ColdFusion's ability to find the custom tag?

are you calling the custom tag with the cf_customtagname convention or using

if it's the former, then application.cfm shouldn't affect the cf server's
ability to find the custom tag.  by design it will first look in the custom
tags directory (usually c:\cfusion\customtags) for a tag with the correct
name.  if it doesn't find it there it will look for it in the same directory
as the calling template.  if it still can't find it then you will get the
error you're describing.

with the latter, you have to specify a path to the custom tag.  it's
possible that you specified that path as a variable that you then defined in
application.cfm.  if that path was changed in application.cfm then it would
no longer be able to find the custom tag.

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