[thelist] Re: NN6 killed my CSS!

Fred Hubnik fredh at austin.rr.com
Wed Nov 15 10:36:45 CST 2000

on 11/15/2000 9:14 AM, aardvark transmitted:

> i think it's worth checking the code as well... i think we can all
> agree that we've all built sites that are not 100% standards-
> compliant in order to bridge the gap between the differing ways IE
> and NN have rendered pages in the past...

I have to chime in here and emphatically agree with this.  Yesterday morning
I was furious after viewing one of my latest and greatest page revisions in
NN6.  After checking the code and minor tweaks it looks great and 24 hours
later I can honestly say NN6 isn't that bad.

NN6 forced me to examine my code a little closer and fix some things.  Now
it looks fine in MSIE 5.0, NN6, and NN 4.7

One of the most common things I changed in all of my pages was the DTD
declaration from strict to transitional.  In almost every case that was the
only thing I changed and my pages now look perfect.  Whether that's a
legitimate fix or just a work around, doesn't really matter to me.

So, once again check your code, run it through Tidy maybe, then run it
through a validator.  Only then can the problems be blamed on NN6.

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fredh at austin.rr.com

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