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Kevin B. O'Brien ahuka at ahuka.com
Fri Jan 12 09:43:31 CST 2001

At 08:48 AM 1/12/2001 +0000, Cedric Wooding said something remarkably like 
(but somehow subtly different from):
>Thanks to everyone for all their help in this problem.
>The most obvious way would appear to be to swap the cables, yet this is will
>not work. If you read my first posting you would have read that on the
>primary "physical" hard disk, there are two partitions C: and D:. Then I
>added a new "physical" hard disk (I want it to be E:). But the computer has
>made D: -> E: and the new drive is D:. If I swap the drives round, surely
>the new drive becomes C: and the other two (on the same physical drive
>become D: and E:) This would cause even more problems, seeing as all system
>files are currently on C:
>(sorry to all those who read the original posting, but I don't want people
>going away from this thinking they sent me right answer - when they didn't!)
>I will try to work out FDISK. If I have no luck, then I will be
>investigating Partition Magic.
>Special thanks to all those who understood the problem fully and realise it
>isn't as simple as it sounds.

Cedric, try a little explanation I wrote at 
http://www.ahuka.com/other/partition.html. It may provide an answer.

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