[thelist] Tip o'the day (x2)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 18 09:09:04 CST 2001

> From: "the head lemur" <headlemur at qwest.net>
> > when that client comes along who wants that Flash5 gee-whiz,
> > then sure, we know that's going to exclude people, but expecting to
> > exclude people from the start might prevent you from raising that
> > concern with the client...
> Not at all. The exclusion process begins with us.
> We will not build some sites. Money, Morals, Ethics, Personality or
> Ability. We all have a set of rules we use in making websites.

my statement wasn't about *how* to explain it to them, but instead 
that planning on cutting people out from the get-go would prevent 
you from even making the *attempt* to explain standards to them...

your post is a good technique for that step before that, where you 
are actually trying to get them to buy into standards -- again, 
assuming you've not cut that step out of your process by 
disregarding some users...

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