[thelist] Drawing the line was Tip o'the day (x2)

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Sun Feb 18 10:08:05 CST 2001

Just one last comment......

Tony Crockford opined:
> > * Draw a line somewhere on how much backwards compatibility
> and cross
> > browser compatibility I will build in (using "know thine
> audience" as
> > a rule of thumb.)

Aardvark parried:
> -1... i'd rather not do that on the whole... case by case situations
> will arise, but i'm not going to exclude a group
> willy-nilly... after all,
> who am i to decide who's good enough to surf a site?

I think that's what I meant to say.

I'll draw a line for each site I build based on the audience I'm
building for.

BTW I don't see it as deciding who's good enough to surf, I'm just
deciding who will see it the way I conceived it and who will get a less
than 1st class experience.

Open discussion point:  Where's the line now?

5.x browsers
4.x browsers
3.x browsers
esoteric browsers
text only browsers
Screen readers


and who did I miss?

and where's the definitive users browser preference stats for a given

Work? What's work when there's debate to be engaged in?


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